Developer toolkit

This section is for developers of hardware and software applications that use EGNOS. It includes information about EGNOS-enabled receivers currently on the market; the beta test of the EGNOS Data Access Service; some sample applications; the software tools available for testing or validating applications of EGNOS; and testing facilities in the EU.

Receiver list

The choices made in developing or choosing an EGNOS-enabled receiver depend on the targeted application, the EGNOS functions that will be used and the integration constraints. In choosing a receiver, users should establish whether it correctly supports EGNOS, then select the interface type.
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EDAS beta test

The EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS) disseminates EGNOS data in real time without relying on the signals from the three EGNOS’ satellites. The service has been operational since 2011.
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Sample applications

This section provides four practical examples of applications using EGNOS.
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A number of software tools available on internet can help users understand and develop and understand GPS and EGNOS. The list is not exhaustive and will be updated when more are added.
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Validation and testing

A range of online resources, hardware and physical facilities are available to those who want to validate and test the time, differential and integrity functions of EGNOS-enabled devices. Other resources provide information extracted from the EGNOS signal.
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