EGNOS Toolkits

How can app developers easily enhance the GNSS position in their apps with EGNOS? 

EGNOS is a European system that provides greater accuracy than GPS does over Europe through the use of geostationary satellites that broadcast data used to correct the GPS positions. It offers an innovative feature - "Integrity" - that gives you a guarantee of your position and alerts you when GPS satellite data should not be trusted. It is of importance in case of solar activity peaks (like those in 2012 - 2014) that can disturb satellite emissions. When the EGNOS satellite signals are not accessible (e.g. in urban canyons or under a tree canopy) EGNOS corrections can still be retrieved from the internet (with SISNeT or EDAS).

The EGNOS toolkit provided by the European Commission is no longer available. In case of specific request, please contact the Egnos helpdesk

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