Case studies

Applications of EGNOS span a large range of sectors, not only in transport and communication, but also in markets such as land survey, agriculture, scientific research, tourism and others. EGNOS-enabled receivers and devices are available for many of these markets. Receivers are now found in all kinds of electronic devices for every sector.

Below are case studies of four primary areas where EGNOS will have a significant market influence.

Aviation case study:

How to implement EGNOS based approaches in an airport

EGNOS, the European SBAS system, has been designed to answer the aviation sector’s needs for secure landing approaches with the EGNOS SoL (Safety of Life) service.
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Landing with satellite navigation

Satellite navigation offers a means of global navigation, available 24/7 in all weather conditions. Although GPS was designed for military purposes, these features rapidly attracted the attention of the civil aviation community. They saw its potential for navigating and approaching any runway around the globe compared to fully relying on an airport’s local ground infrastructure.
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Certification of aircraft for EGNOS use in landing procedures

EGNOS is the European satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS), comparable to WAAS in the USA. Its utilisation in the aviation sector has been studied under the EU-funded GIANT, GIANT 2, HEDGE, Accepta, Hedge_Next, Sherpa and FilGapp projects.

Road transport case study: Road pricing and pay-per-use insurance

As a means of reducing congestion, several cities and countries have already set up or are envisaging the implementation of a charging system for road users.
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Agriculture case study: Precision farming

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the growing demands for more food forced farmers to adopt resource-intensive and unsustainable practices, which increased both economic and environmental costs.
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Maritime case study: Benefits for vessel traffic services (VTS)

Ships of all sizes converge on areas surrounding coastal ports and access to waterways. In managing marine traffic in these congested areas, authorities have implemented traffic routeing, ship reporting and vessel traffic services (VTS).
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Location-based services (LBS): Mobile applications

Mobile location-based services use the geographic location of a personal handset – such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), smart phone or navigation device – either to enhance existing applications or to enable new applications.
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EGNOS for yield mapping: The power of knowledge

EGNOS continues to provide fertile ground for successful agricultural applications and companies such as CLAAS Agrosystems are harvesting its potential: according to Mr Klaus-Herbert Rolf, the company's Head of Marketing, about 90% of high-end combine harvesters currently sold by CLAAS are equipped with EGNOS-enabled receivers.

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Precision Agriculture: EGNOS helping farmers to reduce costs and environmental impact

Efficient and sustainable farming solutions are needed now more than ever, as competition in the agriculture industry continues to increase and production costs have to be considered very carefully. Precision agriculture is a highly effective farming strategy that allows farmers to better allocate inputs (e.g. seeds and fertilisers) and increase productivity, while lowering costs and minimising environmental impact.
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