A new service from EGNOS is now available! The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) is essentially Europe's 'pre-GALILEO' system, its first concrete venture into satellite navigation. 

EGNOS is now providing a terrestrial commercial data service: EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) which offers ground-based access to EGNOS data. EDAS is the single point of access for the data collected and generated by the EGNOS infrastructure which is composed of ground stations (currently 34) distributed over Europe and North Africa. The main types of data provided by EDAS are:

  • Raw GPS, GLONASS and EGNOS GEO observations and navigation data collected by the entire network of Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS) and Navigation Land Earth Stations (NLES)
  • EGNOS augmentation messages, as normally received by users via the EGNOS Geostationary satellites



More information:

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