About this site

The official EGNOS Portal is the one-stop point of access, information resource and gathering point for all those seeking to develop precision navigation equipment and applications using the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), Europe’s satellite-based augmentation system.

The Developer’s Platform contains technical background documents, research and software tools needed to begin the development process. A list of EGNOS-enabled receivers and sample applications are part of the Developer Toolkit available on the platform.

The Portal’s networking forums help link up developers, industry, researchers and end users. The forums are a means of contacting, sharing information and creating alliances with your peers. Add your company, research centre or organisation to the EGNOS directories to achieve maximum visibility in the market.

The EGNOS Library is the repository for technical documents, research papers and market information on EGNOS. Use it to find the background information you need to keep up to date in a fast changing market, where knowledge is the key to decision making.

The Market Support section contains a wealth of background information, research and presentation materials for developing your business.

This EGNOS resource is developed and maintained for the European Commission by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), an agency of the European Union. Among other things, the GSA supports the European Commission in promoting market exploitation of EGNOS, keeping Europe at the forefront of the satellite navigation sector.

EGNOS: It’s there. Use it.

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